Transition to Post-High School

Helping students transition from school to post-high school goals successfully is an emphasis of the program. Each year, all students are required to produce at least 6 pieces of evidence showing their progress in college and career readiness. Evidence can include but is not limited to: job shadowing experience, volunteering, surveys, resume, essay writing, and career exploration. High school students can be offered opportunities to explore vocational education or to participate in work study programs with collaboration from school districts and families. In addition, high school students are encouraged to explore and apply to post-secondary schooling. Students may be eligible for scholarships offered through the Anderson School. Partnerships with home school district’s guidance departments are available for each student for such things as PSAT and SAT registration.


Post Secondary Planning

Students will participate in college and career readiness classes that are catered to the student’s grade level and readiness. Post-Secondary planning is done on site with our school counselor and IEP team.


Work Experience (Work Study)

The Anderson School, in cooperation with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and local school districts, offers part-time work study for students age sixteen or older for academic credit. This program offers intensive support towards the final steps of full competitive employment. Students receive ongoing support to strengthen employability skills. High school students, with approval from their home school district, working papers, good academic standing, and staff recommendation, may be eligible to participate in this program.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Anderson School staff will help students gain access to volunteer opportunities within the community. This will be a collaborative effort between students, family, case managers, counselor, and school leadership. Guidelines for each volunteer site will be provided.



Vocational Education

The Anderson School has liaisons with the following technical schools: Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, Central Montco Technical High School and North Montco Technical Career Center. High School students, with approval from their home school district, good academic standing, and staff recommendation may apply to attend one of the above schools in preparation for post-secondary careers.

Senior Seminar & Graduation

Anderson students have the opportunity to enroll in Senior Seminar or complete a graduation project. The senior seminar course can be an elective credit, health credit, or English credit, and is one full credit for the year, co-taught by an English teacher and school counselor. Students in senior seminar are exploring money management, budgeting, writing essays and resumes, career exploration and other daily living skills. The course requires students to create a resume and cover letter to a fictitious employer and a thank you letter to the same fictitious employer. Students are required to complete a mock interview, research various careers and colleges, and do a final presentation at the end of the school year.

Seniors enrolled in the course or completing a graduation project must participate in a minimum of ten hours of community service, with a written reflection piece included in their final presentation. The culminating portfolio project contains the evidence they have collected over their years of schooling. Any accommodations to this project must be decided in a team meeting. Seniors not enrolled in senior seminar will be awarded 0.5 credits for completion of the portfolio if needed for their goals or credits.