The Montgomery County Community College Scholarship Award

Beginning in 2008, the Montgomery County Community College began partnering with The Anderson School to provide an annual scholarship for a senior who has demonstrated academic improvement, leadership skills, good citizenship, and has served as a role model. Past recipients include:

2008 Justin Ward
2009 Anthony Dunn
2010 Nijal Jiggetts
2011 Nathanial White
2012 Christoper Mancini
2013 Ethan Johnson
2014 Tamara England
2015 Joshua Ross
2016 Erica McCarty


2017 Melayna Bardfield
2018 Meadow Winters
2019 Taylor Ingram
2020 Isabella Warshaw
2021 Emily Harris
2022 Sierra Santos
2023 Victoria Mauger
2024 Sara Jackson


Dr. R. Thomas Marrone Resiliency Award

This award is presented to a student at graduation who has shown resilience and determination in overcoming difficult obstacles to completing their high school education. Past recipients include:

2014 Tyler Stanley
2015 Jeffrey McCarty
2016 Terrin Porter
2017 Wade Bottinger
2018 Phillip Goldberg
2019 Raheim Wilkerson


2020 Zachary Campbell
2021 Jayson Tether
2022 Jalyn West
2023 Ashlyn Prado
2024 Elton Joseph Alley


Student of the Month

Each month staff nominates a student who has shown improvement in social, emotional and academic areas


C.A.P.E. Award

Presented to a staff member each month who demonstrates the following:

C… Creativity (Engaging students and creating lessons that “stick”)

A… Active Awareness (Recognizes and is helpful to other staff members)

P…Positive Presence (Shows  dedication to students and their work; Is enthusiastic about what you do every day)

E…Empathetic (Sensitive to the needs of our students; being flexible when students need it)