The Anderson School

The Anderson School empowers students to know they MATTER to the world and are ABLE to succeed in life through academic achievement, positive relationships, self-regulation, and self-advocacy.

The Anderson School provides a small, nurturing learning environment which meets the academic, behavioral, and therapeutic needs of students in grades 7 through 12. Working with parents and districts, the staff helps students meet their goals, whether to return to the home school or graduate from Anderson.

In addition to standards-based instruction, students receive counseling and other related services through the certified MCIU staff, including a full-time counselor. All teachers are certified emotional support teachers that can provide specially designed instruction in any goal area. A certified behavior analyst and social worker are integrated into the program and provide further supports.

Students at Anderson are engaged in college and career readiness activities and can participate in work-study or job coaching through the MCIU program. The Anderson School also provides school services to students enrolled in the Explorations Partial Hospitalization Program which is housed in the same building.


The Anderson School is located at:
930 Jefferson Avenue
Eagleville, Pa 19403

Why Anderson?

  • We foster emotional and academic success
  • We focus on the entire child, providing a supportive and nurturing environment
  • We use a highly skilled, dedicated team of professionals, including counselors, school psychologist, and behavior specialist
  • We want your child to be successful with their relationships and in their communities
  • We provide students with the tools they need to either successfully return to their home districts or graduate from Anderson with a plan for next steps.
  • The Anderson School maintains a strong emphasis on mastering the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards
  • Anderson School staff work closely with parents and school districts, providing regular interim and progress reports

A giant THANK YOU to you & the staff for all that you did today to make graduation so special for the seniors. It was such a wonderful ceremony & morning. I can’t tell you in words how appreciative we are for all that you all do there at Anderson. You are very special & the differences that you are making in families lives is something to be commended. We can’t put into words the gratitude that we feel for the help, understanding, love & support that you and the staff offer on a daily basis. The smallest of gestures do not go unnoticed & sometimes make the biggest difference. I will forever remember the difference that you made for our son & for our family. Thank you for all of the small & big things that you do throughout your day during the school year!!

Anderson Parent