Student Council

Promotes a positive school culture by creating exciting student council sponsored activities such as dance, candy grams, holiday activities and door decorating contests.  Students must keep their grades and behavior in good standing to continue to be a part of student council.  Each marking period new students will have an opportunity to present to student council why they want to be a part of student council.

Field Days

Each marking period,  along with the Explorations PHP, homerooms compete for blue ribbons by competing in various physical and mental activities throughout the day.

Career Day

Every year, the Anderson School hosts a career day.  Gracious professionals volunteer their time and spend a day at Anderson to explain to our students what they do and the road they took to get there.  Career day gives our students a better understanding of the many different career options.

College Visits 

Our juniors and seniors visit the Montgomery County Community College each year; led by our school counselor, Ms. Susan Welsh.  Other colleges may also be explored.

Field Trips

This year our middle school class had the opportunity to visit the National Constitution Center.  Our students will also have the opportunity to go on a school wide bowling trip in June.

2018-2019 Upcoming Field Trips

The National Constitution Center

The Mutter Museum

Eastern State Penitentiary