Trauma Informed Staff

A trauma informed approach provides tools for students to cope with extreme situations while creating an environment that gives clear expectations, fosters open communication and sensitivity to feelings and emotions of others.  All staff at the Anderson School is trained to recognize and respond to students who have been impacted by traumatic stress.

Restorative Practices

The Anderson School utilizes Restorative Practices daily with students.  Restorative Practices allows the student to begin to take ownership of their own behaviors and shows them how their behaviors have an effect on not only themselves, but others around them.  All staff has been trained to effectively implement Restorative Practices.

Individual Counseling

Our certified school counselors meet with all students individually.  Time spent with the counselors depends on the needs of the student.  The counselors have scheduled sessions with individuals.    Students can request to meet with the counselors for an unscheduled session if they need.

Group Counseling

Our counselors conduct weekly group counseling sessions with our homerooms.  Group counseling touches on various topics, works on soft skills, character development, and leadership skills.

Community Resources                                                                                                                                                        

Often times our students require additional resources outside of our school building.  Our counselors are well versed in the community resources offered throughout Montgomery County.  They can help guide and prepare parents and students for visits and help get answers to their questions.

Motivational Program

The motivational system here at the Anderson School consist of The Anderson School Principals of Good Conduct.  Students refer to their “ABLE” sheets as they move throughout their day so they can assess their own behaviors and make changes  accordingly.


1.) Achieve academic and personal success

2.) Build positive relationships

3.) Learn self-regulation

4.) Engage in self-advocacy


*Students who earn an 85% or better each week can earn a 45 minute activity period each Friday