A key area critical to student development is targeted remedial academics. Two resources The Anderson School now employs to achieve this are the Read 180 program and IXL. 

Read180Read 180

Read 180 Next Generation is a multifaceted data-driven curriculum designed to remediate and boost reading achievement for readers of varying levels of ability. The Read180 instructional model encompasses four methods of instruction: whole-group instruction, small group instruction, instructional software, and modeled/ independent reading. The program utilizes high-interest materials to hook students into learning and has been an ideal fit at The Anderson School because of its versatility as well as its adaptability.

For a variety of individuals (each with their own unique learning style), the Read 180 curriculum allows for a highly individualized and rewarding learning experience.

With over 100 videos from grade-level science, math, history, and social studies content areas, Read 180 software provides struggling readers with intensive, differentiated skills practice, and instruction that:

  • collects data to continually adjust instruction to meet each student’s needs
  • offers continuous support and immediate feedback
  • includes over 100 videos from grade-level science, math, history, and social studies content areas
  • builds phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension


IXL Logo      IXL provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for most subjects.  Students have an opportunity to work at their instructional level in math and language arts to practice/enhance their skills.  IXL provides teachers with usable reports to support their students and gives students the guidance to help them through the given tasks.