Pathway to a Brighter Future


The ultimate goal of the Anderson School is to help our students make progress toward academic and social/emotional success that is needed to thrive in the regular education setting.

  • Highly qualified teachers for all classes
  • Each student will participate in an engaging learning environment where teachers are differentiating instruction and students are developing 21st Century Skills
  • Students will be prepared to use 21st Century Technology
  • Curriculum and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards
  • Teachers follow research-based instructional frameworks for planning, implementation, and assessment
  •  Special Education teachers follow best practices for developing and implementing Individualized Education Programs
  • Interventions are designed to reinforce appropriate pro-social behaviors
  • Faculty and staff consistently implement The Anderson Behavior Support System to monitor student behavior
  • Students progress toward graduation requirements for their home school districts. Regular contact is maintained with home school districts regarding academic progress.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in career and technical education programs
  • Students may participate in the MCIU School to Work Transition Services