Pathway to a Brighter Future


The Montgomery County Community College Scholarship Award

Beginning in 2008, the Montgomery County Community College began partnering with The Anderson School to provide an annual scholarship for a senior who has demonstrated academic improvement, leadership skills, good citizenship, and has served as a role model.

Award Recipients

2008 – Justin Ward
2009 – Anthony Dunn
2010 – Nijal Jiggetts
2011 – Nathanial White
2012 – Christopher Mancini
2013 – Ethan Johnson
2014- Tamara England
2015- Joshua Ross
2016- Erica McCarty

2017- Melayna Bardfield

 2018- Meadow Winters

Dr. R. Thomas Marrone Resiliency Award

This award is presented to a student at graduation who has shown resilience and determination in overcoming difficult obstacles to completing their high school education

Award Recipients

2014- Tyler Stanley

2015- Jeffrey McCarty

2016- Terrin Porter

2017- Wade Bottinger

2018- Phillip Goldberg

Student of the Month

Each month staff nominates a student who has shown improvement in social, emotional and academic areas

September 2018-

C.A.P.E. Award

Presented to a staff member each month who demonstrates the following:

C… Creativity (Engaging students and creating lessons that “stick”)

A… Active Awareness (Recognizes and is helpful to other staff members)

P…Positive Presence (Shows  dedication to students and their work; Is enthusiastic about what you do everyday)

E…Empathetic (Sensitive to the needs of our students; being flexible when students need it)