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Behavior Support

The Anderson Behavior Support System
The behavior system here at the Anderson School consist of The Anderson School Principals of Good Conduct.  Students refer to their “ABLE” sheets as they move throughout their day so they can assess their own behaviors and make changes to their behaviors accordingly.ABLE1.) Acting with Dignity: Respecting the personal safety and property of self/others

2.) Being Respectful: Communicating with others respectfully and with integrity, which includes language and volume

3.) Location: Remaining is assigned/supervised areas

4.) Engaged in Learning: Following directions including completing assignments

Students who earn an 85% or better each week can earn a 45 minute activity period each Friday.


Restorative Practices

The Anderson School utilizes Restorative Practices daily with students.  Restorative Practices allows the student to begin to take ownership of their own behaviors and shows them how their behaviors have an effect on not only themselves, but others around them.  All staff has been trained to effectively implement Restorative Practices.