Curriculum Maps
The curriculum at the Anderson School has been developed by our knowledgeable, content area teachers.  In developing their own maps, they have been able to plan and develop while considering our student population.   Our teachers know that to teach students to be prepared for the world that their instruction must stay fluid.  The teachers at the Anderson School are provided with continuous Professional Development that allows them to shape their instruction design to best meet student needs.  Each subject taught at Anderson is aligned to the current Pennsylvania Standards and the course material is outlined in a curriculum map.

Blended Learning
Anderson promotes a Blended Learning Model.  Blended Learning is an educational model designed to meet the individual needs of each student to prepare them for college and careers in this 21st century.  To be competitive in the 21st century, students must be proficient in the use of technology, be critical thinkers and problem-solvers, and be able to communicate with the world around them.  Blended Learning combines computer technology, on-line content, and digital communications with traditional direct instruction, offering multiple opportunities for students to learn and be prepared for college and the work force.  Blended Learning offers a truly differentiated instructional program where each and every student can receive a standards-aligned, appropriate education. We will use technology to:

  • help each student master the content and skills they need,
  • allow teachers to get the most out of their planning and instructional time, and
  • allow for individualized instruction, collaborative group instruction, and independent opportunities to learn and excel

Each student at the Anderson School has access to an updated chromebook and  head phones.  Chromebooks are used daily, and each student is responsible for their care and use.   With WiFi capabilities to access the internet, Smart Boards in each classroom, and daily opportunities to implement technology into the learning experience, students will be proficient as they transition into the real world.

3D Printer

Students have access to our 3D printer to create and make the most of their classroom projects.  Students are not only taught how to use the programs to create their masterpieces, but they are also taught how to care for the 3D Printer.  Teachers use the printer for various group projects in the classroom.

Digital Programs

IXL Logo

IXL provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for most subjects.  Students have an opportunity to work at their instructional level in math and language arts to practice/enhance their skills.  IXL provides teachers with usable reports to support their students and gives students the guidance to help them through the given tasks.