What Our Parents Say About the Anderson School
 “I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much you and your staff have made a difference in Jimmy’s life and mine.  When Jimmy was in the 4th grade I was told I did not have a choice of where to send Jimmy to school.  I did not feel as if I was a part of the IEP team in Delaware so we moved to Pennsylvania and became a part of the Montgomery County IU.  I was very apprehensive when Jimmy started at Anderson in 2006.  Over his six year stay at Anderson we did try to move him back into his home school but soon learned that he belonged at Anderson.  From Mr. Gluckman, Mrs. Spagnola, Mr. Ostroff and Ms. Klimovich, everyone has been wonderful.  There are way too many names to count over the years.  Each principal was my favorite and the next even better than the previous one.  My daily calls to Erin Fortune in the office letting her know we were on our way (always running late) made me feel like we are all family.  Never looking down or judging us.  I’m not quite sure how all of you do it, many days Jimmy did not want to get out of the car but Mr. Gluckman kept telling me it will get better and it did.  When Jimmy spent time with Mr. Serrao he enjoyed it and it was never a punishment.  Mrs. Reigner helped me with countless forms and applications and when I felt like having a nervous breakdown everyone had a smile on their face and told me not to worry it will be ok.

The technology at Anderson is amazing but the staff is one of a kind.  I know Anderson was only supposed to be for a short term placement for Jimmy but I do believe he would not have graduated had we stayed in Delaware.  As I feel a sense of pride in Jimmy graduating, I feel a loss in my daily routine to stop by the school.  Anderson has been the best experience for both of us and I wish the best for everyone.  It’s a shame more students don’t get to experience the true value of Anderson.  I would highly recommend Anderson to anyone who has a child that is in need of a place to belong and become a part of the family. Thank you for the best six years!

– Tracy Yakutchik, Parent


“I am the proud mother of a high school graduate. Having a child graduate from high school may not seem like a big accomplishment to many. My husband and I have had our “ups and downs” with our son and his schooling. We had been referred to The Anderson School after many unsuccessful educational placements.

The Anderson School provided my son with a safe, supportive, and caring environment. He did put them through the “test” but they continued with their support and assisted him in accomplishing his goal. He will continue on with his education by attending Montgomery County Community College. Thanks Anderson…we could not have done it without you.”

– Mother of an Anderson School Graduate