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Our Staff

Our Principal:

Fronczak_GeorginePrincipal Georgine T. Fronczak joined the Anderson School in September 2014. Most recently, she served as Chief Academic Officer/Site Principal for the Simpson Campus of One Bright Ray Community High School in Philadelphia. She has also held the positions of special education, math, and science teacher.

While under Mrs. Fronczak’s leadership, One Bright Ray C.H.S. realized substantial growth in both student literacy and numeracy levels. She was instrumental in creating a procedure for analyzing and using data to increase student learning. Mrs. Fronczak also prides herself for encouraging fresh ideas from her colleagues and is a strong advocate for teacher development.

Mrs. Fronczak earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Temple University and obtained Master’s degrees in both Educational Leadership and Special Education from Holy Family University.


Our Assistant Principal:

Giuseppe Serrao Assistant Principal Giuseppe Serrao

Our Faculty:

The Anderson School faculty includes certified teachers, para-educators, a behavior specialist, and school counselor. There are daily meetings where staff discuss student concerns, social/emotional needs and plan effective instruction for the students.  The cornerstones of our success include mutual respect, high expectations for success, and a fundamental care for all students in all situations.

The Anderson School staff encourage students to view themselves as successful and active participants in determining their educational future. Our staff provides a variety of positive interventions to reward students for successful performance within the Anderson School Behavior Management System.

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