About Us

The Anderson School is administered by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, a regional educational service agency.

andersonschoolThe Anderson School, which accepts Montgomery County, PA students in 6th through 12th  grades, was designed to create a learning environment that meets the academic, emotional/social, and therapeutic requirements of students in need of extra support.

In a highly structured setting, The Anderson School is able to provide an environment designed to enhance student pride and self-esteem. Led by a dedicated professional staff, the small classroom settings reinforce appropriate social/emotional skills as well as provide a strong academic structure aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards. In addition to academic instruction, the Anderson School’s program features: diversity education, character education, mainstreaming with area centers for vocational training, and work study partnerships with local community employers.

In 2008, the school was relocated to a new campus in Eagleville, which includes chromebooks in every classroom,  a gymnasium, and recreational room. The 22,500 square foot campus also includes classrooms equipped with Smart boards and a cafeteria.

Students who attend the Anderson School are identified and referred by their school districts as needing academic and social/emotional supports.