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  • Anderson School students visit the National Constitution Center to Celebrate Constitution Day!

Where do you turn when a student is having emotional difficulties that interfere with his or her ability to be successful in school?


The Anderson School provides a small, nurturing,  learning environment which meets the academic and therapeutic  needs of our students. Designed to give students the tools they need to return successfully to their home school districts, The Anderson School can support students for short or long-term periods of time.

Students in grades 6 through 12, regular or special education, may be referred to the Anderson School.

In a highly structured, learning environment, Anderson reinforces appropriate social and emotional skills while providing a strong academic structure aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards.


We foster emotional and academic success

We focus on the entire child, providing a supportive and nurturing environment

We use a highly skilled, dedicated team of professionals, including counselors, school psychologist, and behavior specialist

We want your child to be successful with their relationships and in their communities

We provide students with the tools they need to return successfully to their home school districts

The Anderson School maintains a strong emphasis on mastering the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards

Anderson School staff work closely with parents and school districts, providing regular interim and progress reports